The 813 event ID also indicates that this policy setting is successfully applied on the client PCs. Intune User-based policy’s registry path is a bit different from the one that we have for devices. More details are available at Intune User Policy Troubleshooting Tips For Prevent Changing Theme. One example is given belowHow To Start Troubleshooting Intune Issuesfrom theserver-side. The next level of troubleshooting is withMDM Diagnostics Toolto collect the log and information from theclient side.

If the error still exists, try the next methods to fix the error. I had also a problem with “A disc read error occurred”. The problem was with date in BIOS, after I set it to current, everything started working. It happend because I turned off power supply for too long. What makes this even worse is there are so many different ways to attempt to fix this error, it could take days to get through them all.

In the case of antivirus software, you might need to download a tool from the developer to completely remove the program. Click “Advanced Options” to access more advanced repair tools. They’ll be useful if you’re experiencing problems but don’t want to reinstall Windows.

Launching the Windows 10 Event Viewer

On a Windows machine, the event log stores these; in Linux, this is the syslog service. When developers use the word “logging,” they’re usually referring to application logging. However, other types of logging exist as well. To help further clarify what application logging is, we’ll briefly look at other types of logs to help understand the distinction. My requirements may be different, but Ive dumped various log files in different machine states from a broken machine and need to view them, preferably in unix.

  • This is good to track for monitoring where credentials are being used explicitly.
  • Besides, she likes to make friends and listen to music after work.
  • Regardless of whether you definitely choose the “Keep my files” or “Remove everything” option, all programs and applications you installed will be removed.

Once done, restart your PC in case you aren’t prompted. Windows 11 should now work as intended in case a faulty update or program was causing issues on your system. Windows can oficial site automatically find and install relevant drivers for most components on your PC. You can use this to your advantage to find a working driver for your device that works well on Windows 11.

How do I get rid of the error in the script on this page?

Apparently the right click run as administrator is different than the login as administrator then run regedit normally. Finally, in addition to a full system restore point, you can also just backup the registry itself. At the end of the day no one solved the access denied issue that several people complained about even when running as a local administrator. For some reason I can’t set the owner to a domain user, but I tried both the literal “Administrator” and even created a local account and tried that. Your user name is removed from the Group or user names list. You’ll see your user name in the Permission entries list with Full Control listed in the Access column.

How to Create an Alexa Smart Home Routine

As this page shows, if you do want to clean your computer of malware, the first software to delete is Windows. Thus, Windows is overt malware in regard to surveillance, as in other issues. Microsoft is going to cut off support for some Internet Explorer versions in the same way. It makes no difference what legitimate reasons Microsoft might have for not doing work to support them.